Krystal Star Coons

Maine Coon Cattery

Krystalstar Coons is a raw feeding holistic maine coon cattery. Above all else we promote the respectful & responsible breeding of healthy & happy maine coons… NATURALLY!

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Breeding Magical Maine Coons With Love

Meet the Krystalstar Girls

Maine coon holistic cattery GCCF registered raw feeding & homeopathy.

Krystalstar Morgana le Fey (Black) and Krystalstar Cosmic Domino (Blue)

What is a Holistic Cattery?

Krystalstar Coons is a holistic maine coon cattery. Our maine coons are raised following the principles of natural rearing, raw feeding, and holistic cat care.


Natural rearing is a holistic approach to life. It involves using natural ways and caring for your animals as closely to nature as possible. We avoid the use of toxic substances on our cats, such as flea and tick chemicals, routine worming, and over-vaccinating. 


Raw feeding is the practice of feeding a diet primarily of uncooked meat, edible bones, and organs. Raw feeding mirrors a more natural diet and all our cats thrive on it.  We feed locally sourced chicken, beef, lamb & rabbit! This is a kibble-free cattery.


Holistic cat health care considers the whole being: the environment, social & spiritual factors, personality & emotions, not just the symptomatic parts. We adopt alternative approaches such as homeopathy & healing, alongside conventional veterinary care.

Kitten Enquiries

Krystalstar Coons is a holistic cattery, breeding GCCF registered pedigree maine coons.

Our kittens are intended as pets for loving homes to cat guardians who also believe in:

  • Natural rearing
  • Raw feeding and
  • Holistic cat care

* Please only contact us for kittens if you resonate with our holistic principles. *

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